Kawasaki disease

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Diagnostic Criteria

  • "Warm CREAM" mnemonic: fever plus conjunctivitis, rash, extremity involvement, adenopathy, and mucosal involvement
  • Fever persisting at least 5 d - Presence of at least 4 principal features:
    • Changes in extremities
      • Acute: Erythema of palms, soles; edema of hands, feet
      • Subacute: Periungual peeling of fingers, toes in weeks 2 and 3
    • Polymorphous exanthem
    • Bilateral bulbar conjunctival injection without exudate
    • Changes in lips and oral cavity: Erythema, lips cracking, strawberry tongue, diffuse injection of oral and pharyngeal mucosae
    • Cervical lymphadenopathy (>1.5-cm diameter), usually unilateral
  • Exclusion of other diseases with similar findings‡

Incomplete Kawasaki disease

  • Do not meet the full criteria above

Differential Diagnosis