Toxic shock syndrome

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Criteria Staphylococcal Streptococcal
Confirmed hypotension + fever + rash + desquamating + 3 or more other hypotension + 2 or more other
Hypotension SBP ≤90 mmHg SBP ≤90 mmHg
Fever temp ≥38.9ºC
Skin diffuse macular erythroderma followed by desquamation generalized erythematous macular rash that may desquamate
GI n/v/d at onset
MSK myalgia ± CK ≥2x ULN soft-tissue necrosis (e.g. nec.fasc)
Mucosa hyperemia of any mucosa
Nephro Creatinine ≥2x ULN, or
pyuria without UTI
Creatinine ≥177 or ≥2x ULN or ≥2x baseline
Hepatic bili/ALT/AST ≥2x ULN ALT/AST/bili ≥2x ULN or ≥2x baseline
Heme thrombocytopenia <100 thrombocytopenia ≤100, or
DIC (INR/fibrinogen/D-dimer)
CNS altered LOC without focal signs